“Promptober” 10.06.17



The bell on the door rang, slamming shut behind him quicker than he had thought it would. The place immediately fell silent, and all eyes were on him.
“What? Never see a man in here before?”
Techs turned back to their clients, though he could still feel their sideways glances as they fell upon him.
Chances are, they probably don’t see many men in here, especially ones that look like me.
He had let himself go more than normal, to the point where he was forced to do something relaxing. “Try it.” He was told.
He had responded with only a low growl.
Nevertheless, he went. Unwillingly, but he went.
“Can I get some damned service in here?” he called out.
A young woman quickly scuttled over to the front desk and apologized profusely in a thick accent.
“So sorry, so sorry! What would you like done?”
“Just the hands. Just a massage. I was told it would be…good for me.”
“Ah, yes, of course. Please. Follow me.”
She led him to a leather reclining chair, in which he sat in less than gracefully, introducing him to his tech before heading back to the front desk.
“May I see your right hand please, sir?”
He held out his hand and she began to massage it.
This is…actually nice.
Until she pressed deeply on the one spot that he had bruised, the spot that still was quite tender.
His arm stiffened, and before he could react, his claws shot out, nicking the underneath of her arm.
She screamed.
“Hey, while you’re at it, can I get those filed too?”


“Promptober” 10.05.17

I’m a bit behind, for reasons of band events the past few days. So, here is my blurb from 10.05. I’m trying.



His eyes shot open, his heart pounding.
Sitting up far too fast, a pain shot through his head and down his back, causing him to cry out. It was only then that he was able to look around him, reminding himself that Bucky was gone, and he was alone.
Not physically alone, as he had been watched and monitored by the group that rescued him. They called themselves The Avengers, and were making every attempt to recruit him to join them in their efforts to become an unstoppable force against the maniacs that had been terrorizing New York City. Who exactly they were, they were not informing him of  just yet, which made him skeptical of the whole thing.
He had the same dream every night since they found him—he could hear the explosion, could see the shrapnel from the plain as he was hurled into the cold abyss.
But he was rescued.
And now they wanted him to be their leader?
What he really wanted to do is go back in time, go back to Peggy, and leave the military life behind him once and for all. To be a normal citizen, lead a normal life, and forget that any of this had ever happened.
He threw his legs over the side of the bed, contemplating how to disappear into the general population, when there was a knock at the door.
Before he could answer it, the man that had introduced himself as Tony Stark walked into his room, holding the uniform he never wanted to see again.
“Good morning, Cap,” he said, tossing the uniform to him. “Time to rock and roll.”
“I never agreed to anything yet.”
“Oh, but you don’t really have a choice, my friend. Not today. We need you. Get dressed.”
“There is no alternative, soldier. Your shield awaits you in the car.”
Roger slipped into the uniform, the nausea creeping up on him quicker than he could prevent, and he barely made it to the wastebasket in the corner of the room.
“It’ll wear off, now let’s go.” Tony gestured to the open door.
Reluctantly, Roger followed, his new life waiting but meters away.

“Promptober” 10.04.17

This is extremely un-edited, and I’m up well beyond my bedtime and extremely overwhelmed with life…ha! I don’t even know if today’s writing makes any sense, but…here you go.


Taking the hat from the coat rack by the door, Raggedy Ann slipped it on her head before heading out of the house.
She was free.
The last straw had been when she was thrown up into the attic with the other toys that Sara had outgrown, stuffed into a cardboard box and forgotten.
It was bad enough that she had been separated from her brother Andy for years, leaving him behind at the orphanage where Sara was adopted from.
At first, Ann was grief-stricken when they left all those years ago.  But she had soon come to learn that she was Sara’s best friend, the one she would cling to night and day as she adjusted to her new life. Ann grew happy for Sara, seeing how much her new parents loved and cared for her, and she too felt at home and welcomed.
It soon came to pass, however, that Sara had left Ann sitting on her shelf for days at a time, not even giving her a second glance.  Those days turned into weeks and months, and eventually years. Ann longed to be held again; for she missed Sara’s welcoming embraces and playtime tea parties, and sleeping under the covers in her warm bed.
It was Sara herself that put Ann in the box that day, and if Ann could cry human tears, she would have. Her best friend, who at one time went everywhere with her, had abandoned her forever.
Now an orphan herself, she gathered dust with the others, lacking the ability to fend off the random spider now and then that passed through. She hated spiders.
She began to dream of the “good old days” back at the orphanage, when she met Sara for the first time. How her and another little girl would play with Ann and Andy for hours, inventing adventures for them to go on together and pretended that they were as real as the girls were.
She missed her brother again, and thought perhaps reuniting with him might bring about happiness once more.
But how? She was a doll stuffed in a box in an attic. And Andy was God-knows-where.
It was pointless.
Ann gave up hoping until one day, a bright light shone through the attic window, practically blinding her. She quickly covered her eyes, as they were burning like never before.
Wait, she thought. She removed her hand from her eyes and looked at them.
What the…
She stretched out her arms in front of her and sat up, looking about the attic. It seemed a lot smaller than before.
Then, almost instantaneously, the realization came over her that she was no longer a worn-out old rag doll, but human.
Escape was the first thing on her mind. If she could get out of this attic, this house, perhaps there was a chance she could find her brother again.
Hope renewed her sense of purpose as she climbed down from the attic, careful to avoid any random encounters with Sara or her parents.
Sensing that the house was empty, she grabbed some clothes from Sara’s room, her heart pounding and her hands shaking as she dressed and headed towards the door.
I’ll find you, brother, if it’s the last thing I do.

Inktober = Promptober

If you’re an artist, you have probably heard of “Inktober,” where you ink a sketch every day in October. The visual version of NaNo, really. Well, my husband is participating this year, and I thought it might be interesting if I took his drawings and used them as a “prompt” so to speak, writing a brief few paragraphs (or whatever) about the image, bringing it to life.

With my latest WIP (work-in-progress) of Enzo’s Story, I am not going to be doing NaNo this year–I need to focus on only one large story, as my schedule is beyond the point of insanity. However, I am doing my “Promptober” as an exercise to get my mind challenged, writing about things I normally wouldn’t write about. For instance, I write romance, not about zombies and superheroes and monsters. So needless to say, this will be a HUGE challenge for me, but I am hoping that I can take what I learn from it and not only apply it to my writing, but help perhaps my students’ writing as well as they head into their NaNo prep.

I didn’t think of this until yesterday, so I am a bit behind.

I DO want your feedback! Please, let me know what you think–I’d be interested to hear from you. And if you want to do your own “Promptober,” well, I’d love to have you join me!

So without further ado, here we go, for both yesterday and today:


He donned the mask, the final piece of the costume, before heading out onto the set. He walked with a purpose, the cape trailing behind him with a slight lift from the breeze his stride created.
He was ready.
He was Batman.
“What the hell is this?” the director called out, gesturing towards him. “Whoever heard of Batman with a beard?”
“I think it suits the Dark Knight quite well if you ask me.” The director’s assistant rose from her seat and walked over to Elliot, sizing him up the way any woman would do to an attractive man in a tight uniform. “Not only is it sexy, but it brings out an even more ‘I’ll kick your ass with my hands tied behind my back’ attitude.”


So that’s the thanks I get.
He picked up a copy of the Daily Planet, with the bold and large headline: “Super-Tired of Superman?”
The article went on to read about how the citizens of Metropolis were angry at the lack of protection their once-favorite superhero had provided for them. The recent devastation left them pleading for anyone else to step in and take his place, forcing him to either retire or leave their city. One citizen went so far as to wonder if Batman would restore order should he be reading.
Batman! Really?
He threw a sideways glance at the Daily Planet building, disgusted with the idea of hanging up his cape and remaining nerdy Clark Kent for the rest of his life.               I’ll show them who the real hero is in this city. And it’s not the man with the most toys.
He lifted off and flew towards Gotham City.
Time to pay a visit to good-old Bruce. Let’s see if he’s got something on his belt to deal with me.

“The Brotherhood” is Now Available!

The final book in The Bard Trilogy, “The Brotherhood,” is now available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle format, and will soon be available for nook as well! But the “official” awesomely cool release date will be Saturday, October 14th, when I will be a part of the Indie Author Fest at the Plainfield Library. There, you can purchase a signed copy (or all three!!) as well as a copy of “Another Lifetime.” I will post a schedule of events for that day soon!

I am also looking forward to starting the second year of our creative writing club this week where I teach–we have some pretty amazing kids, and I am excited to work with them once again! And while they will be participating in NaNoWriMo, I am forcing myself not to partake this year–as I am in the middle of working on the follow-up book to “Another Lifetime.”  I can’t leave my characters stranded. Who knows what they would run off and do? 😛

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Drop me an e-mail or FB post if you want to chat!

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