“Promptober” 10.06.17



The bell on the door rang, slamming shut behind him quicker than he had thought it would. The place immediately fell silent, and all eyes were on him.
“What? Never see a man in here before?”
Techs turned back to their clients, though he could still feel their sideways glances as they fell upon him.
Chances are, they probably don’t see many men in here, especially ones that look like me.
He had let himself go more than normal, to the point where he was forced to do something relaxing. “Try it.” He was told.
He had responded with only a low growl.
Nevertheless, he went. Unwillingly, but he went.
“Can I get some damned service in here?” he called out.
A young woman quickly scuttled over to the front desk and apologized profusely in a thick accent.
“So sorry, so sorry! What would you like done?”
“Just the hands. Just a massage. I was told it would be…good for me.”
“Ah, yes, of course. Please. Follow me.”
She led him to a leather reclining chair, in which he sat in less than gracefully, introducing him to his tech before heading back to the front desk.
“May I see your right hand please, sir?”
He held out his hand and she began to massage it.
This is…actually nice.
Until she pressed deeply on the one spot that he had bruised, the spot that still was quite tender.
His arm stiffened, and before he could react, his claws shot out, nicking the underneath of her arm.
She screamed.
“Hey, while you’re at it, can I get those filed too?”


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