“Promptober” 10.04.17

This is extremely un-edited, and I’m up well beyond my bedtime and extremely overwhelmed with life…ha! I don’t even know if today’s writing makes any sense, but…here you go.


Taking the hat from the coat rack by the door, Raggedy Ann slipped it on her head before heading out of the house.
She was free.
The last straw had been when she was thrown up into the attic with the other toys that Sara had outgrown, stuffed into a cardboard box and forgotten.
It was bad enough that she had been separated from her brother Andy for years, leaving him behind at the orphanage where Sara was adopted from.
At first, Ann was grief-stricken when they left all those years ago.  But she had soon come to learn that she was Sara’s best friend, the one she would cling to night and day as she adjusted to her new life. Ann grew happy for Sara, seeing how much her new parents loved and cared for her, and she too felt at home and welcomed.
It soon came to pass, however, that Sara had left Ann sitting on her shelf for days at a time, not even giving her a second glance.  Those days turned into weeks and months, and eventually years. Ann longed to be held again; for she missed Sara’s welcoming embraces and playtime tea parties, and sleeping under the covers in her warm bed.
It was Sara herself that put Ann in the box that day, and if Ann could cry human tears, she would have. Her best friend, who at one time went everywhere with her, had abandoned her forever.
Now an orphan herself, she gathered dust with the others, lacking the ability to fend off the random spider now and then that passed through. She hated spiders.
She began to dream of the “good old days” back at the orphanage, when she met Sara for the first time. How her and another little girl would play with Ann and Andy for hours, inventing adventures for them to go on together and pretended that they were as real as the girls were.
She missed her brother again, and thought perhaps reuniting with him might bring about happiness once more.
But how? She was a doll stuffed in a box in an attic. And Andy was God-knows-where.
It was pointless.
Ann gave up hoping until one day, a bright light shone through the attic window, practically blinding her. She quickly covered her eyes, as they were burning like never before.
Wait, she thought. She removed her hand from her eyes and looked at them.
What the…
She stretched out her arms in front of her and sat up, looking about the attic. It seemed a lot smaller than before.
Then, almost instantaneously, the realization came over her that she was no longer a worn-out old rag doll, but human.
Escape was the first thing on her mind. If she could get out of this attic, this house, perhaps there was a chance she could find her brother again.
Hope renewed her sense of purpose as she climbed down from the attic, careful to avoid any random encounters with Sara or her parents.
Sensing that the house was empty, she grabbed some clothes from Sara’s room, her heart pounding and her hands shaking as she dressed and headed towards the door.
I’ll find you, brother, if it’s the last thing I do.


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